It’s about time we got more out of truck journeys
Empty trailers and inefficient routes make the shipping of goods more costly than it should be. Zeus helps both transport companies and their customers get the most out of trucks’ trips.

The next-generation digital freight platform for truly collaborative working between hauliers and their customers

Companies in need of shipping
Only invite trusted suppliers to bid for specific jobs
Place jobs on the open marketplace
Stay in control of the bidding process
Effortlessly coordinate large numbers of shipments across multiple partners
Manage all documents and communications in one place
Logistics providers
Find the most efficient and most profitable jobs
Increase full truck-load journeys
Stay on top of your vehicle and driver schedules
Easily manage subcontractors
Manage all documents and communications in one place
Book a demo
Fast, easy, efficient
Advanced features, unique to Zeus and unseen in the transport industry
Outsource shipping to those you trust
Use Zeus’ Circles to involve only those hauliers that are most suited to the job, whether in terms of cost or specialist equipment. Alternatively, open up a job to the public marketplace and let Zeus’ advanced algorithms and manual curation help you book shipping efficiently and cost-effectively.
Keep track of your shipments
Collaborate with partners and colleagues, and manage every detail of every job in one place. Track and trace jobs in real-time and receive instant notifications about any required actions related to pick-ups, deliveries, vehicles and drivers.
Maintain control of the process
From staying on top of bidding to advanced document management tools and vehicle schedulers, you remain in charge of the entire end-to-end process while easily managing large numbers of shipments across multiple partners.
Our team
Founded by

Clemente Theotokis and Jai Kanwar

in 2018, Zeus’ core team is composed of a group of tech and transport experts spanning six nationalities across three locations.
Together, the team has been responsible for setting up seven different start-ups and raising upward of £5 million in funding.
Along with Clemente and Jai, the team is headed up by
Sam McGuirk
Head of Commercial and former UK Director of OnTruck
Anthony Gale
COO, serial entrepreneur and advisor to many start-ups
Vuk Nikolic
CTO and lead engineer across numerous tech logistics companies
Janko Stojanovic
CPO, product lead and tech entrepreneur
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